[BONUS] 8 Hours – Bossa Nova Brazilian Jazz with Summer Beach Waves – Good Energy Lounge Music | Tudo Tem Seu Lugarleep

Enjoy this popular Brazilian Jazz music with beach waves called “Bossa Nova”. Eliminate all stress and improve your focus with this. Let's travel to Rio de Janeiro for 8 hours. 

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 Enjoy this Tropical Night Bossa Nova ambience with relaxing ocean waves and romantic Brazilian jazz music. 

Set the mood for a romantic dinner, a classy party, or an evening of solo relaxation with this calm Bossa Nova playlist with a view of gentle ocean waves and the twinkling lights of Rio de Janeiro.

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Brazilian popular music evolved in the late 1950s from a union of samba (a Brazilian dance and music) and cool jazz.

You can't go wrong with some smooth Jazz and jazz bossa nova.

This music is created in a special partnership with Epidemic Sound.

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The benefits of listening to bossa nova music are:

-It promotes creativity and innovation skills

-It helps to reduce stress levels, boosts mood and improves concentration

-It's perfect for relaxation, meditation and yoga

In total relax mode with this jazzy Bossa Nova music vibes.the spectacular seaview and seeing and hearing the ocean waves is the perfect complement..💖💙🌊😌” – Hilde

With our sounds, you can Study, Cry, Sleep, Meditate, work, focus, chill, reduce stress, depression, ADHD and more.

By creating a mental state of relaxation, peace, and considerate focus, nature sounds can be deeply relaxing. Sound therapy can help retrain the brain to listen more efficiently and help focus attention on tasks.

DISCLAIMER: These sounds are for educational purposes only. Please consult with your doctor for serious health issues.

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