96. Chinese & Japanese Guzheng Erhu Epic Instrumental Bamboo Flute Collection – Perfect Relaxation

Let’s relax with this EPIC Japanese and Chinese Guzheng Erhu Epic Instrumental Bamboo Flute Collection – Ideal for all types of Perfect Relaxation.

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This music is created in a special partnership with Epidemic Sound.

Soothing, Relaxing, Meditation, Yoga, Sleep Music.

Just close your eyes, focus and visualize yourself in this beautiful movie ShangShi and you are meditating, relaxing with a Relaxing Zen Chinese, Japanese Sound in the background. Isn’t it EPIC?

Chinese music is often considered as the most relaxing one. It is an ancient tradition that has been practiced for more than 5000 years.

The erhu is a traditional two-stringed bowed musical instrument and the bamboo flute, or dizi, is a transverse flute made from bamboo.

Chinese music is so relaxing because it is often played at low volumes and has a lot of soft melodies. It also incorporates the sounds of nature, like water and birds.

The sounds of bamboo being played on a stringed instrument called a Shamisen, can be very soothing and relaxing to listen to, especially when you are in an environment where you can hear natural sounds like birds chirping or water flowing.

“Listening to this made me want to live in ancient China and see a beautiful Nobel with their beautiful traditional costumes playing on the flute.” – Subscriber.


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With our sounds, you can Study, Cry, Sleep, Meditate, work, focus, chill, reduce stress, and more.

By creating a mental state of relaxation, peace, and considerate focus, nature sounds can be deeply relaxing. Sound therapy can help retrain the brain to listen more efficiently and help focus attention on tasks.


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