89. InterGalactic Starship White Noise – Best Hack Ultimate Sleeping or Studying with Space Sound

๐Ÿš€ Sit back and relax with this 2 hours ultimate spaceship ambiance soundscape ASMR audio experience. We created this space to create a more calming atmosphere. It can be used for everything from sleeping, studying, reading or just leisurely relaxing….

๐Ÿ“– …The mission just started and we are on our way to the Moon in the comfort of your high-tech spaceship. The autopilot helps with the flying. You can take a break and relax while the engine softly hums. The words from your radar give updates on your position and you can hear calming, gentle beeps & boops from the equipment in the cockpit.

Listening to the sound of your co-pilot, you are reminded of being in space. You briefly close your eyes and drift off, dreaming of the solar system. A sea of twinkling stars surrounds you, comforting you for now until you wake up…..

In this audio, I create an ultimate soothing ambiance that can be used for various purposes such as relaxation, sleep, or reading. The audio is about 2 hours long and features some vocals and white noise.

Best with headphones.


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With our sounds, you can Study, Cry, Sleep, Meditate, work, focus, chill and more.

By creating a mental state of relaxation, peace, and considerate focus, nature sounds can be deeply relaxing. Sound therapy can help retrain the brain to listen more efficiently and help focus attention on tasks.

Disclaimer: Please always consult with your doctor if you suffer from any mental issue. This audio is created for entertainment purposes only!

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